Buying a Property

Buying a Property

Buying real estate for an empty nest

by Chad Diaz

If your kids have up and left home you might be looking to downsize and realise some of the value in your family home. Here are some things to look for in your empty nest home to make sure it's functional without being a burden. 

Less garden or yard

Unless you love gardening big blocks, it can be a good idea to downsize the garden area that you have now that you have less need for space for young kids. Any extra land that sits unused in the garden costs you extra money to buy, extra money to maintain and can be a burden if you want to spend a lot of time travelling and don't have someone who can keep the garden alive while you are away. Even if you love your garden now, a small space can still allow you to get the enjoyment out of planning a beautiful space while not being tied to the big house. 

Enough rooms

It can be a good idea when looking at any empty nest house to think about how you might want to use the extra space. While you might not have grandchildren yet, you might like to have a small extra room that could be used for future sleepovers (but that isn't large enough to encourage older children to move back home!). Equally, even if you aren't working you might like to have a small space for an office that can be used for planning voluntary activities, part time work or monitoring investments. 

Entertaining space 

Many empty nesters find that this stage of their life includes an uptick in social activities as they have the time and energy to entertain friends, focus on cooking and dedicate themselves to hobbies. It is a good idea to choose a home with a living space that lets you easily entertain small groups, such as an open plan kitchen and living area with a breakfast bar. A well planned space can make it easy to invite friend and family over for social events while not feeling overwhelmingly large on a day-to-day basis. 

If you are about to enjoy an empty nest as your children move to the next stage of their life, it can be a great idea to explore the possibility of downsizing your home. Why not contact a local real estate agent to explore your options for downsizing your home today?


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