Buying a Property

Buying a Property

When and Why You Should Consider Moving Into a Retirement Apartment

by Chad Diaz

As you get older, you may feel very comfortable in your family home, but there are many benefits of moving to a retirement apartment, and such a move can help to improve your quality of life in ways you may not realise. Note a few considerations that can help you decide if it's time to start shopping for a retirement apartment.

Upkeep on the property

You may be managing your property's upkeep quite well on your own and may assume that this isn't an issue for you; however, consider how much time you spend cutting the lawn, trimming hedges and so on. You may also be feeling more soreness in your muscles and joints after handling such chores, and this situation may get worse as you get older. In some cases, it may not even be safe for you to be shovelling snow, working a lawnmower and handling other such heavy-duty jobs.

Note, too, that the cost of paying a landscaping company to keep up your property can be much more expensive than the overall cost of downsizing. A move to a retirement apartment will then ensure your physical comfort, free up your time and help you avoid the added expense of landscaping.

You need to downsize

If your home is cluttered with lots of things, you may think the last thing you should do is downsize to an apartment. However, such a move can force you to finally go through all your unfinished projects, old clothes, tools and the like. You can give your children things you're holding onto for them, donate items you never use and toss out items that are beyond repair. This downsizing can actually make you feel more organised and reduce the stress of trying to sort through clutter when you need to find something, and being in a smaller apartment means you have less chance of bringing new clutter into your space.

You're lonely

It can be difficult for seniors to admit that they're lonely, but as you and your friends get older and more fatigued, you may have less energy for organising outings and social events. Friends may also drift apart over the years, and someone who is divorced or widowed may find that couples tend to shy away from them. Moving to a retirement apartment with organised events, and with other seniors also looking for socialising, can mean making new friends and being provided with lots of scheduled activities to keep you busy and close to others.


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