Buying a Property

Buying a Property

Principal Considerations to Have When Purchasing a Lock for Your Storefront

by Chad Diaz

A door lock is mandatory for any retail business if you are going to keep your inventory safe. However, buying a lock for your storefront is not about choosing the cheapest option in the market in an attempt to cut on costs. Careful consideration has to be to go into the process to make sure that you make the best option for your needs. The best way of narrowing down your options so you can get the best fit is to be aware of your expectations. Here are some of the principal considerations that can help you streamline the process of purchasing a lock for your storefront.

Factor in the operational convenience

A storefront lock that is difficult to operate can translate into significant losses for your business. An employee should be able to quickly open and close the premises, particularly during peak seasons such as when having end-season sale,s or you would stand the risk of dealing with disgruntled customers.

In addition to this, having a complicated lock that is hard to open and close poses the risk of a security breach if employees do not know how to secure the locking system properly.

Lastly, ease of operation is also an essential consideration when it comes to egress from the store. If there is a safety risk on the premises, such as a fire hazard, it is essential that the lock is easy enough to operate so that any individuals inside the store can let themselves out post haste.

Factor in the pick resistance of the lock

The most common method that burglars use to gain access to retail stores is through picking the lock. Therefore, it would be best to narrow down your selection of locking systems based on their pick resistance. The less complicated the internal mechanism of the lock is, the easier it will be for potential intruders to try to jimmy the lock and breach your premises. And although complex locking mechanisms tend to cost more, they do give you a guarantee that they will not easily be manipulated by an opportunistic criminal.

One thing to bear in mind though is that the pick resistance of your lock is only as good as the door that the mechanism is installed on. For example, if you have a lightweight door that can be compromised with brute force, even the high pick resistance will not keep the vandals out of your store. 

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