Buying a Property

Buying a Property

Three Tips For A Stress-Free House Move For Your Pets

by Chad Diaz

Moving house is a stressful period in anyone's life, but have you ever considered the impact it also has on your pets? Humans communicate with each other to discuss the reason behind the move and the details of the new home, but this communication is not understood by your dog. As someone who is about to move to a new home, there are a number of ways you can make the move a stress-free experience for your canine buddy, so consider these three tips.

Update Your Pet Tags

While the movers are at your house, there is a small possibility of your dog escaping through the open door while furniture is being moved from the home to the truck. To ensure you get your pet back in a timely manner, make sure your dog's tag is updated with their name and your phone number. Additionally, if you have not microchipped your pet yet, get this done now before moving day.

Isolate Your Dog On Moving Day

In an effort to make sure your dog doesn't get loose on moving day, choose a room for them to be isolated in as the house is emptied of furniture. Once this room is emptied, place your dog inside and shut the door. Make sure they have their bedding, favourite toys and water close by as a way to settle them. Place a note on the closed door, warning that the dog is inside so that no one inadvertently opens the door and lets your pet out. If it is not feasible to isolate them, then consider placing them in a boarding kennel for a day or two around moving day so that they are not exposed to the controlled chaos of the shift.

Don't Pack Your Dog's Treasured Belongings

Dogs like to have familiar scents around them to keep them calm. Therefore, you should not pack your dog's bedding or toys into boxes for the house move. Instead, keep these items separate to travel with you in the car. Having these items close by will reduce the stress your dog experiences when he arrives at his new home, as there are no familiar scents around them.

Make sure you let your removal service know that there is a dog in the house so that they don't inadvertently scare it or let it out of the house. The more you consider your dog's emotions on moving day, the less likely you are to have problems getting your pet to settle into their new home.


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